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How to make my multiplayer Air-Hockey better?

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Hi everyone. I've made simple multiplayer game but don't like how it works. What I used: 

- Matter.js (tha't an overkill for such simple game but I've never used 2d physics engines before and wanted to try it out)

-  Super naive client prediction - naive because there is no reconciliation - at this point I think there's no need for that because striker (a thing you use to hit puck) is not limited by anything except field bounds

- linear interpolation by last 2 updates (it's turned off on the attached video because at the current state of the game in combination with prediction it made things look worse. I'm not even sure if it's needed at all with 60 tickrate )

Any suggestions on how to improve it? I probably should use some kind of extrapolation for puck and maybe even enemy player (I think not to the same extent as with puck because strikers can start and stop moving instantly). Is it a good idea to run 2 entities of Matter.js on a server - 1 for actual game world and other one for for extrapolated world?


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