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Moving to a Pointer


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I made a small game for moving an image to a location where the use clicks.
The game is set in space where the user is controlling a rocket
The catch to this game is the place the user clicks, the rocket as well as the asteroid moves.
So, the user has to avoid the asteroid and keep moving.
There are two scenes in this game.
Scene 1-
Here is the main game
In preload, we load 2 images

  this.load.image('Ship', 'ship.png');
    this.load.image('asteroid', 'asteroid.png');

In create, we add these images to the scene

 source1 = this.physics.add.image(100, 300, 'Ship');
        source2 = this.physics.add.image(250, 250, 'asteroid');

In update function, we take the input from the cursor and give the position values to a variable. Then we move the images to that position and also check if they collide or not. If they do collide then we switch to scene 2.

this.input.on('pointerdown', function (pointer) {

        target.x = pointer.x;
        target.y = pointer.y;
        target1.x = pointer.x-10;
        target1.y = pointer.y-20;

        this.physics.moveToObject(source1, target, 200);
        this.physics.moveToObject(source2, target1, 50);

    }, this);
this.physics.world.collide(source1, source2, function () {
      source1.setVelocity(0); source2.destroy(); console.log('hit?');

Scene 2-
Scene 2 is just a scene with an image of "You Died".

  preload ()
        this.load.image('died', 'died.png');}
    create ()


Scene 1.jpg

Scene 2.jpg

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