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Looking for experienced H5 Gamedev generalist - remote, fulltime. Direct posting!

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Hello!  First post to this community, but certainly not new to HTML 5 game dev.


We're looking to hire an H5 game developer to join our team fulltime.  Remote or working from our offices in Kelowna, British Columbia Canada or Los Angeles, California.  This person will be our first dedicated internal developer working on a large portfolio of very unique game and interactive entertainment applications. This role won’t only be responsible for Oooh’s internal projects, but will also be supporting a large number of external development teams all over the world by providing scalable and modular code that can be used across projects.  


tl;dr: we're hoping this person can be our in-house H5 expert, and not only produce fun, beautiful 1st party games and experiences, but also help our portfolio of 3rd party studios improve their game quality and production speed as well.


Little bit about the company: Oooh is a team of 26 who have built some of the biggest global phenomenons in media and games. We have come together with a moonshot mission to build a smarter and healthier next-gen digital platform focused on younger audiences. And, one that’s way more fun. We are backed by an incredible group of Silicon Valley and Los Angeles-based investors, founders, product and technology leaders and entertainment moguls—all of whom feel personally connected to our purpose. That’s about all we can say here :)


Here's a link to the LI posting: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2219630689

Of course, let me know if you have questions!

Brooke Van Dusen


Dir, Developer Relations

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