Using geometry from PIXI.Graphics in PIXI.Mesh constructor

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Hello !

My objective is to create geometry for meshes. until now I used quad so it wasn't too hard to model. Now I want to model some more complex shapes in 2D, polygons, cones etc. Since I'm familiar with the tools exposed in the PIXI.Graphics object, I thought to myself, "Hey! I'm going to draw a shape, and reuse the geometry contained in the Graphics object."

Here is my playground:

But after a few tests, it doesn't look so easy. What did I miss? Thanks for your help!

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Buffer is interleaved: graphcis uses same buffer for textures, uv's and colors. If it used different ones, it could work.

You can use same graphics geometry in your mesh, that should work.

Btw, just in case, UV's are made for texture 16x16 by default, so you'll have to scale them.

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Thank you Ivan!
I updated the playground by putting the Graphics geometry into the mesh and I updated the vertex shader with a quick hack for the UVs.

It works!
But... i can't specify the width and height of the mesh. It is tied to the graphics object. Other thing, I want my graphic object to be hidden (it is just serving for primitive drawing). Putting grapher.visible = false make the mesh to not render.

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