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Revisiting Group-B inspired World Rally Car Racing we just finished our new racing game "RALLY CAR HERO" - a retro psuedo-3D racing game inspired by the original "SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP".  5MB of fast-five-minute-fun!.


Play for free in your browser (no adverts): https://b10b.com/rallycarhero

"Compete across the world as you race in the Rally Car Championship.  Dodge opponents, boost around twisting corners, collect coins and upgrade your car for the next race. Are you the Rally Car Hero?"



Like our other indie titles, this game was developed with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps - which can be a challenge when dealing with pseudo-3D (no WebGL here, just lots of sprites!).  RALLY CAR HERO is based on our GRAND PRIX HERO / STOCK CAR HERO / SUPERBIKE HERO engine and adds new multiple-environment textures and refinements to the controls (based on previous game feedback).  We're always keen to make things better - let us know how it plays for you.


RALLY CAR HERO is available to license (on a non-exclusive basis) from our website: https://b10b.com

Profiting from our games is easy to achieve - by licensing them commercially.  We're easy to work with, we provide high quality SDK / API and branding implementations, great support and insights, we look after our partners and provide genuine value for money ... all in exchange for a fair-market license fee (or revenue-share).  Get in touch.

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