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Hello Everyone,

Weekend is going well. Been away from the scene for a few years due to reasons and want to hop back into the saddle with html5games probably with Panda2 or Phaser3. Is it to late to enter into the market? I'm looking towards Facebook instant games or even just placing them on a portal site.


Any insight into this topic would be appreciated,


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imo ... a well made HTML5 game is in a good position to see a lot of plays (e.g. a few million plays a year).  Generally audiences are growing - playing a game in a browser (or embedded within a messenger app) seems less objectionable than it did in years past, and emerging markets seem to crave light-weight experiences.  But it's not a mainstream marketplace and turning players into gold is not easy (in-game ads are always going to be low yield).  Creatively making games in HTML5 is wonderful because time to publish is zero, barrier to entry is zero.  So be cautious of platforms like FB IG etc because they contradict some of those benefits ... weigh up the benefits they claim (discoverability and monetization) vs the hassle (apple developer license, ios device cost, approval rounds, revenue splits, risk of deplatforming, being cloned etc).  It's never too late to make games for the fun of it, or to make games that will make someone else happy to play.

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