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Anyone using GameMonetize.com ?

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It's okay. 

Customer support is terrible and the reports/analytics page is terrible too. However, people have been sharing here that they pay on time which is a big plus.


Their customer support got better, at the time of writing this review, COVID was on the rise and that affected their support. They didn't update their reports/analytics page yet, so it is still pretty lacking and doesn't display a lot of information. 

NOTE: I don't mean that the info/data the reports/analytics page shows is incorrect, it's just that it doesn't have a lot of features!

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Hi guys, today I try it to login to my Gamemonetize.com account. After I try 3 times the login form tell my the user not existing anymore. When I try it to see if my games are still in the games catalog I see nothing , the whole my account was deleted. I just sent a mail to the team.


Ok, seems their was a problem with the server, everything now is working well.

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Server problem
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Website was down for almost a day, maybe a server crash, hack or update, then the site came back, but the latest games seem to be from February 2021, so I am guessing that is the latest backup ( hope not ) they had. It has been like that for almost a day now. I cannot sign in either, I guess because I signed up in April ( after that February date that site looks stuck on right now )

I hope this gets fixed soon, I haven't sent them an email yet, give them another day.

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