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Partnership for an upcoming 5G ready Mobile Games Kickstarter campaign

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Hey folks!

We can see Instant Games in Facebook Gaming, Paytm, Snapchat and WeChat, and we've decided to check out if it'll be interesting to see how so-called Early Adopters from the crowdfunding world will react.
So far, there was only one serious funding about this, of course in California. This means, quite some smart people did believe in it. Knock Knock has raised $4M, but we can't compare ourselves working after hours to the ecosystem Silicon Valley has. At least, for now :)

All the signs on the sky show that 5G will accelerate the development of Instant Games, aka. Games without Installation - that's how we named it. In the future, it might be the long-awaited competitive gaming channel for Apple & Google App Stores. With the campaign, we can ourselves familiar with the ecosystem, and when the technology will be mature we'll play more and more advanced games in such a way.

For our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (late draft: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/danieldanielecki/286175433?ref=d8ka5q&token=4c209538) we're looking for partnership within this HTML5 community, incl. on non-obligatory basis. It can be anything, don't hesitate to shout out with your offer, even if that's something really small.

We're using for our games Phaser as well as we'd love to advertise the HTML5 Game Devs Forum, where our remote team met (cc: @rich). In case you're working on some kind of games/platform, let us know. Your business might be featured on our campaign as one of our Partners. We've been accepted to the AWS Activate program, and we can help you too with the possibility to gain up to $100k in AWS credits (we got $12k).

Don't hesitate reach out to us via:

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