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Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce our new online HTML5 game called Sudoku Styles!!

Here is the link: https://www.atksolutions.com/games/sudoku.html

In addition to Classic Sudoku, this game also has 9 additional designed variations which works around the concept of constraints.

A constraint is a group of boxes where each number in that box must be unique.

Lets take a classic Sudoku puzzle rules for example: 
There are 27 constraints in a Sudoku and each constraint contains 9 cells: 9 large box, 9 rows and 9 columns.
Each constraint can only contain the #'s 1 to 9 and there must be no duplicates within a constraint.
Using this concept, many other variations are designed.

Several of the other variations are:
- Sudoku X - Sudoku plus 2 extra diagonal constraints forming an X
- Extra Box Sudoku - Sudoku plus 4 extra boxes as constraints (Windoku
- Jigsaw Sudoku - irregular shapes making up the constraints
- Mini Quad Sudoku - 4 6x6 Mini interlocked Sudoku's

... and a LOT more ... !!

There are 3 levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.  The HARD level can be very challenging!
** Every puzzle has only one unique solution that can be solved through logic. **

Here are some screenshots:

Sudoku X   Extra Box Sudoku (Windoku)

Jigsaw Sudoku   Mini Quad Sudoku 

It also works nicely on mobile devices like iPad and Tablets.

This is a continuous work in progress with new puzzles being added.

Have Fun! 


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