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From the TIC-80 fantasy computer to Defold

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The TIC-80, PICO-8 and similar fantasy systems are amazing pieces of software and they have introduced countless aspiring developers to world of game development. While it is possible to create all kinds of amazing games and tools using fantasy computers and consoles they also have their limitations and there are many examples of developers porting their creations over to other game engines to unlock new capabilities and platforms. One recent example is Slipways which was ported from PICO-8 (itch.io build) to Unity (Steam build) and another older example is Hook, Line and Thinker which was ported to Defold.

We recently interviewed Jeferson R. Silva to learn how he ported his game nullptr from TIC-80 to Defold, a cross platform game engine with good support for HTML5 games:


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