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Hello all game devs out there it is so good to see you.

I want to share a passion project that I started working on that is long over due from my side. I have been thinking and tinkering on this project for roughly 10 years but mostly in my mind.
One is that I didn't believe the technology was there until now, and secondly I am a procrastinating black-belt master. So what is this idea I have that never comes to fruition?

The website is called HTML2D, HTML2D will be a mixture of an HTML5 Arcade game site with the main core concept that the player keeps playing the same protagonist(s) between games.

This idea gives a big challenge to tackle in how do you actually accomplish this? 

You either buy all the games for the website and have them custom made with your API to replace the main character with the users 


you create all the games yourself.

Neither of those alternatives was a valid approach, they are too expensive and too labour intensive. So the idea is that HTML2D can be divided into two sections.

One section is the arcade where you loggon and just play games and have fun with your friends, and another section where you can create games for others to play

Not very interesting? I know, I know - it is still early. I really do not have anything to show for.
But I keep updating this thread as my development progresses and someone can chip in with a suggestion here and there if anyone feels like it.

So this post is only to get me started into really thinking about what I am doing.

Here is an early mockup I made three or four years ago for the arcade part. The avatar in this mockup is not made by me and obvisusly Nintendo placeholder art and text


Have a great day and I will update here as soon as I can.

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