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how to make a android app out of html5 one

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Hi there,
I have started to develop a couple of phaser games that I would like to publish on android stores.
I have wrapped the html5 with phonegap, but there I faced a lot of issues,

1. No WebAudio [1]
2. No webgl [1]

I didn't t manage to use the phaser game.scale API to make the game area fit the full device screen too.


Could someone show me a very short and simple working example?
Moreover should I keep on using phonegap,or should I use something else?




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From my brief test with Phonegap it also has poor performance. There is a "steroids.js" out there that might help performance? Not sure


CocoonJS you might like to try. I'm currently playing around with their CocoonJS Launcher app. One warning about CocoonJS, when you use their cloud compilation service to package as an app, there is some legalese in there about you granting them the full rights to your code and game. I cant find it just now, but anyways have a close read....


My other thought was GameClosure. I havent looked into it in detail, but I believe you could you use that as a wrapper around any html5 game. (GameClosure is its own game dev api)

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From what I got the problem looks to be temporary.

Bad perfor!Nance and missing audio is just an android problem which will be fixed in the coming releases.

A solution that I would like to try is to run the html5 app in a Qt5 webview.

That uses a different webkit\webview that hopefully draws on a gl surface.. And that's maybe what cocoonjs does.

I should give it a try.

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To sort of answer your original question, there is PhoneGap, as you mentioned, Cordova, which PhoneGap is based on, Ejecta, for those projects targeting only iOS, Titanium, which has its own set of APIs, Game Closure, CrossWalk, and, of course, CocoonJS (which I've personally spent a great deal of time working with and submitting patches to Phaser for over the last several weeks).


If you are just looking for WebGL, CocoonJS might not be what you want just now. There are a number of known issues with the current version, including some that pertain to basics like writing text in WebGL mode. (And it also doesn't have WebAudio either, by the way. At least, not in its 'accelerated' mode currently.)


Depending on how hardcore you want to go about it, you could even compile your own version of Chromium from its source. Many of these wrapper software projects are, at their root, variations of Chromium with additions or special hacks here and there. I do know some people are rolling their own versions now too.

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Hi and thanks for some many answer.

So let's evaluate the options...

CocoonJS is not a good options for me. Webgl is slow and the canvas doesn't t render text in my app (as u mentioned) even if u workaround these problems, in order to use it you have to allow them to reuse your source code and more.... Not nice! The audio worked for me BTW. Text didn't.

Phone gap a Cordova. Slow on android since we view is based on chromium. May viable in the future. Not fast at moment for games.

I'm now interested in crosswalk and game closure, I have not tried them out yet, do they have known issues?

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