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jRPG Engine is developed for the sole reason to allow for quick development of old school Japanese role playing games using javascript and various other technologies. It is also MIT licensed which is attached to the bottom. That means jRPGe is free to be modified, and distributed free of charge. I only ask that if you create modules or make some changes to contribute to the evolution of the engine. You do not have to of course. :)


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I don't see a Github link.  Would be easier to see if I can help out by viewing your code and how well it is laid out / documented.


Currently it is under heavy change to the initial source. Right now I am converting it from javascript to coffeescript which I am usilg node with gulp to build down to js and have gulp watching it to compile it down to source. to be used. I am currently setting up a modules system so that every piece is used independently with some req modules for certain things. Some kinks here and there, but it is on bitbucket atm in a private repo as its a pretty mangled source but getting ironed out. I say by the end of the week I should have a repo on github. Nothing is secret just I do not like displaying my ugly code till its decent and commented which it is not but it is written in a way where commenting will not be necessary as it will read properly versus be abstract since it will be minified. Do not need comments if you right proper code which is (almost) human readable. I can throw it up on Wednesday at the earliest.

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Major update with the engine.


Half way converted over to CoffeeScript just need to add in old code as the scaffolding has been set. Also setup coffeescript with gulp so that it can be instantly coded and reflected changes in less then two seconds with watching.



Edit CoffeeScript > Compiles to JavaScript > Minifies and Exports to locations






View on github

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!!!Major Updates!!!
First off the CoffeeScript conversion is like 90% finished and the majority of the Function Prototype is rewritten and improved on dramatically as things are now modularized. Moving on to things checked off the list. Link to everything is at the bottom of this post as well as in the op
Items Finished
  • Entity.PC
  • Entity.PC:CollisionDetection
  • Entity.PC:Sprinting
  • Entity.PC:StepCounting
  • IO:Keyboard
  • Manager:Phrase
  • Manager:Registry
  • Manager:Resource
  • Scene:Intro
  • Scene:World:Map
  • Scene:World:Map:Scrolling
  • Scene:World:Map:Background:Static
  • Setup:Canvas
  • UI:Messages:Informational
  • Utilities:Convert
  • Utilities:Debugging
This is a LOT in just a few days. Here is sort of a road map even though I do not always pay attention to it but at least you can get the idea of the direction I am headed over the course of the next month. These are sorted in the order of priorities.
  • Manager:Audio
  • Manager:Event
  • Manager:Event:Global
  • Manager:Event:Triggered
  • NPC:Basic
  • UI:Messages:Chat
  • UI:Menu:Game
  • Scene:World:Battle


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