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Mochi Media closing down: An official mark of Flash game market to decline?


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Mochi Media is closing down, some said that its revenue is dropping down drastically, possibly due to mobile devices, the rise of Unity, the rise of HTML5, Alibaba acquisition to Shanda Games (parent company of Mochi Media), and more.


Is this solely just Mochi and its issue? Will this happen to other networks which is why portals like Kongregate and Newgrounds now accepting HTML5? Or simply because mobile is totally crushing down Flash that it may just become a tool to export to native, which means competing with Unity?


What do you think guys?

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I think your conclusion as to why Mochi Media is shutting down may be wrong.


The Mochi staff, including one of it's founders I believe, offered to buy Mochi from Shanda implying that Mochi is still turning a profit, but Shanda for their own high end corporate reasons refused to sell it back to them opting to just shut it down and take a loss.


In spite of all the speculation online about why Mochi is shutting down, the fact that Mochi's staff wanted to buy the company back leaves little doubt that the shut down is corporate shenanigans and not a profitability issue.


There's no question that Mochi screwed up by not branching out of Flash to mobile and HTML5 but all indications are that Mochi was still profitable serving just the Flash market.

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I visited Mochi back in 2011, when they were thriving. Nice office, great people, loved the decor and Xboxes. I believe their strategic error was not going mobile native. All their competitors ( MiniClip, Armor, Kongregate etc) went mobile native.


Mobile HTML5 would not have saved them, because there weren't (aren't) many HTML5 game devs.

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farewell mochi.. well, I didn't use the mochi apis except the bots..
yes, I think with mochi closed it's a sign of flash game sponsorship is dying

but from what I heard flash game + mobile version are still doing well.. well at least the FGL staff says that, they said the average mobile+flash excl sponsorship amount was around 4x times bigger than just primary.

and here I am moving to html5 (+flash version, + mobile version).. but I'm not going to put my game on any marketplace before I know how to monetize things now

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