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Collection of useful tools and resources for game development

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Hey, another collection topic of useful stuff   This time, I'm collecting useful tools and resources that help you in your game development process. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to a

Royalty free music: http://nosoapradio.us/

Not HTML5 specific, but a really huge list nonetheless: http://www.pixelprospector.com/indie-resources/   Covers these topics: Inspiration, Game Development & Game Design Graphics Sound &am

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Hi There,

I decided to try and work with P2 physics and could not find a free tool to generate the JSON file for sprite shapes.
So... I created one :)



See Quick Start Guide here: http://dunceware.com/Products/EasyPolygonMarker/QuickStart-EasyPolygonMarker.pdf

Please let me know what you think and if anything doesn't seem to work.


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I,ve built a little tool for cutting up Spritesheets into keyframes you can also use it preview spritesheet animations. It's got a handy little feature that will also allow you to trim the final frames as well as reduce the scale of the out put keyframes. If you're working with pixel art you can also toggle anti aliasing on and off. the tool is live and works in local so no uploading and downloading heavy png images. It works FAST!

check it out on my site https://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/tools/spritesheet_slicer.php


another tool on my site, Something which a lot of us need to do is bulk rescaling of images. You're probably used to using irfranview or PS from the command line to do stuff like this but this little tool will handle it for you quicker than both of those. It also works in local so no uploading and downloading tons of images!  Here's the link



I spent ages making these tools If you find them useful I'd love to hear it!



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