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The following two PBT examples are written wholly within the existing PG editor in the browser. https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#N3PAT https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#XDSW52#12

Guys, I just want to share my experience, I wrote 3D tools/libraries/middleware for ten years, professionally. (i.e. not open source). I think I've tried everything I could, and I really mean it:

Hi again, John.  For testing, I don't think you'll need any "new" json file.  If you convert your list to an md document (perhaps located in content/tutorials/playpen for now), you just need to add on

Posted Images

My Pleasure!  But, I was sort-of hoping I could coax @JohnK into doing the adjustment.  He's the only guy I know who has a docs-builder nicely installed on his home puter.  He can ensure the indenting edits for "Line spacing" and Resize to Fit" ... look ok after TOC-build.

I think it's simple... just add another # to those headers, I guess.

(and move 'colorPicker' OUT-OF containers category, cuz it is not such)

Should I try it from the web interface edit, and we'll just keep doing fresh builds until Wingnut FINALLY gets the TOC indenting correct?  That DOES sound kind of fun, but... might take a few build-button presses.  :)


On another subject... PBT... playground-based tutorials.  I've been doin' more thinkin'.  Ya know... I've recently built some simple spinTo/moveTo mesh animators... and I've moved some GUI textBlocks around, and recently I animated some big fat mesh fonts, thx to @The Leftover.  So, I'm gettin' ready for something big... in the PBT world.

I need good audio... pre-fetched little boink, clunk, ding, boom, clang, etc... so that when words/mesh come flying into a scene... they stop with a "ding"... and it has to be sync'd nice.  Pre-fetched.

Hmm.  What kind of browser, platform, mobile support... can we expect?  I HAVE the sound effects... TONS AND TONS (I once bought a giant radio station-grade collection... still have it... all digital but some might need down-sampling).  Irrelevant.  Likely... 10 what... webM's?   Little, low-rez sound effects... pre-fetch 'em into any browser in < 10 seconds, right?  RIGHT?!  :D  Tell me something wonderful!  heh

How many of our forum users... would see/hear audio/sync failures/problems... in our new sound-efx-enhanced PBT's?  Would I be diesel-pointed disappointed in those numbers?

(Wingy's dog bites Wingy's foot.)  :)

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Somebody moved colorpicker from containers category... to controls category - in http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/gui

Well done.  I recently did the extra indents on those 2 textblock sub-categories.  "Line spacing" and Resize to Fit".

They are done in-the-blind.  We won't know if I was successful until the TOC rebuilds.  :)

My dog shows signs of confidence.  heh

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JohnK rides to the rescue 🏇______________skids to a stop 🚏and falls off the horse 🤾‍♂️ failing to complete the task.

On pulling the docs I still found only ### not #### for Line spacing and Resize to fit. Ahhahhh I thought simple correction.  Not so simple adding the extra # results in changing the font size ( as seen on my home puter)

ls1.png.5a6db48bf53f8f7c0e835bf998e539ae.png           ls2.png.2f739453c888a75b4eecca2a8e3e0340.png

Current Docs                                New after merge and build (yet to be done)

but you are correct

16 hours ago, Wingnut said:

Maybe our TOC system won't do #### (4th level / 3-indents)

the TOC appears to ignore anything more than ###, this happens on all pages with 4th level subheadings. Probably a good idea as subheadings at this level would make the TOCs long and messy.

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Thx J!   Yeah, I knew the font would drop a few sizes... no big deal for those two. 

#### is ignored by TOC?  So my edit didn't "take"?  hunh.  I might have forgotten to do the PR... after I did the edit.  Wingy does dumb things pretty often, as we all know.

Having those 2 items be removed from TOC is fine with me, but perhaps we should consult original document author.  Perhaps they were incidentals/accidentals, initially. 

Thx for checkin' it out and reporting to us, @JohnK... I/we appreciate your work.

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Hi gang!


Scroll down a bit... Custom Cylinder Emitter demo... is broken.  particle is undefined in line 25... per console.

If we insert before line 25... if (!particle) return ... it works.  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V07WF8#5

Soooo... it is my theory... that no particle has been spawned (yet), when this customStartDirection function is called the first-time.

I'm sure who to ping about it.  *shrug* 

I don't think my "kludge-fix" is what the PG's author would want.  Better to avoid calling startDirection func IF no particle yet exists.

Assistance welcome.  Party on!

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Yeah... thx, good catch! 

Your #6 demo looks pretty good - with its line 43.

I think that would be just fine.

See line 23 with its //BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); remark?

That's a pretty good hint that... if user wants to remove the ACTUAL cylinder mesh, just disable it, and then set ps.emitter to a vec3 position.  We still get cylinder-shaped emission.  (giggity)

That PG is sort-of teach-ful.  :)

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Ok, off-topic but on-topic...  https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#V07WF8#12

(I had to mess-with this new playground... it's my duty.)  :)

I have a best-buddy particleSystem custom updateFunction that I carry-around in my pocket all the time.  It makes particles "sparkle" in random colors (yawn).

SO... I saw JohnK's custom StartPosition and StartDirection funcs, and then I thought about my buddy... custom UpdateFunction.

Lines 54-102... I install my custom updateFunction... onto John's SprayParticleEmitter object. 

That's NOT where it should be AT ALL... but what the heck, it needs to live SOMEWHERE.  :)

Then, way down in lines 152-161, I pull a little slimy maneuver.

ALL BJS particle systems... have an .updateFunction property, a super-nice convenience for easy-installing custom particleSystem updateFunctions.  YAY!

In line 160, I tell the particleSystem to use the updateFunction that is located on John's SprayParticleEmitter object.  Works great!  Pretty fun!!! 

I'm not sure I understand directionRandomizer, the third param in line 153.  And maybe... this sprayer could use a "ratio"...  to decrease the horizontal particles, and increase the verticals. 

Can this be "hacked" to create a "vortex" or tornado/whirlpool?   FUN!!!  It's probably done in custom UpdateFunction... a great place to cause trouble.

Ok, that's all I got.  :)  If this gets crazy with mad scientist experiments, we might want to move it to "Projects" sub-forum.

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