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Hi there! 

This week we want to share with you one of the earlier games that we developed, Snacky Line!


Snacky Line is a cute little connecting games where you must connect two object of the same type quickly to get higher combo and score. Far away objects can be connected as long as there are no other object between them.

For such a short games, we do learn a lot about Phaser when making this :)


Link: http://j.mp/snackyline


Hope you like this simple games!

As usual, do let me know if you have feedback or problem :)




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What's weird is, for me your game took ages to load. I looked on firefox and it was all the images. Now I see you are using phaser, why would images take longer to load for me then mine. And why would my game take along time to load for you and not for me?


Oh well, never mind. I like the graphics. And the music's pretty cool. What I really didn't like was the sound of effects when I clicked them. Have you tried this game out with headphones on? It's a horrible ear hurting sound.


But it's an ok match 3 game.

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Hmm, ok, I'll see what I can do to with the SFX (since I never wearing headphones for testing games :D )


About the slow load times, maybe because our hosting & network provider is far enough that it affect response time for both of us. I think we just take CDN for granted now while maybe our hosting provider not provide them...

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Lol, I didnt see the tutorial and I was playing joining the pieces that were together! Nice little game anyway!

Haha, I honestly might do the same if I'm skipping the tutorial :D


very nice, with more potential if you add stones for special events like extra seconds and so on, or allow more then two pieces to link....

Hmm, you're right about that! I have limited time developing it so I can't make it too complex. Will seriously consider it for the sequel/expansion :)

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