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JCHTML5 Engine released! (GameMaker Studio)

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The JCHTML5 Engine is a GameMaker: Studio project file that implements a long list of features that are common in HTML5 games or required by sponsors when selling licenses of your games. Unlike some other engines out there, JCHTML5 is optimized for both mobile and desktop.
Using the JCHTML5 Engine, you can make professional looking games, fast! The amount of functionality provided by the JCHTML5 Engine is far greater than any other GameMaker HTML5 engine currently available.
Also included is a 15+ page manual that has step by step tutorials and explains all the features in more detail. 


Below is a comparison table:




Check it out at the link below if you want to know more.

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Haha, I knew I would forget something. The PayPal prices are now fixed (from $0.05). It was 3am and I'd been working on this all day.


I'll be updating GMS and using this myself, so whenever something needs to be fixed it will be, then updates will be sent out. There's also more features coming in the future like Flurry, gesture recognition (pinches, swipes, rotations etc), iFrame tutorial (adding a pretty Game border) etc.

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NEW! JCHTML5 Showcase

The JCHTML5 Showcase is open! Games made with JCHTML5 are displayed on this page.

If you've already managed to make or port a game using JCHTML5, submit yours now! (It's free)





MAJOR UPDATE 1.1 (Pro only)



Major Changes

  • NEW! Domain locking: Restrict which websites can host your game. This feature was suggested by bigleaphr. The implementation is fairly straight forward. The manual will contain some information on this soon, but you should be able to use it without the manual.

  • global.LICENSE_EMAIL is displayed when the website is not authorized to host your game. Change this email in ctr_init.

  • Better buttons! You can now easily switch between buttons that use tweening, or use image_index, or both!

  • Buttons now have text-displaying functionality.

  • New script jce_draw_text(x,y,string,scale). This is used by buttons, but can be used anywhere else as well.

  • Turn off multi-touch. In ctr_init, toggle multi-touch with global.USE_MULTITOUCH. You should only use multi-touch if your game requires it. Turning off this feature saves precious processing.


Minor changes

  • Example button (with sprite) is included in template.

  • Rearranged some resources.

  • Two default button sounds are included. (Although horrible, but this will change)

  • Buttons now use jchtml5_play_sound instead of the normal sound functions. This means they will mute when global.OPT_SOUND is off.

  • Renamed included font to fnt_jchtml5.

  • Engine version is now displayed in Game Information.

  • More miniscule changes, but they were lost in time (I forgot to document them).


The iFrame (Game Border) feature is almost complete. This should be ready in a week or two.

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There's been some changes regarding the JCHTML5 engine.


The manuals have been split into Basic and Pro, and will no longer be viewed online. You will not be able to comment on the manuals using Google Docs.

The FAQ and 'Starting a new game' sections have been moved to a new Google Doc.


Updates to manuals and the engine itself will now be sent out via email, with instructions for fixing existing games (though hopefully this will never be necessary again). Thus, the JCHTML5 Updates document has been deleted.


If you didn't receive an email containing the links for the manuals send me a PM.


Also, don't forget to submit your games to the JCHTML5 Showcase!

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Visit the website


Already have JCHTML5 Pro? You can still spread the love



JCHTML5 1.4.1451 update is out

New features/changes in 1.4.1451

  • Manual has been updated
  • Manual includes Quick start guide
  • NEW! Tweeners
  • Upgraded TweenGMS (now uses Marketplace version, but without marketplace)
  • Improved custom tweening scripts
  • Centers the game better on mobile devices
  • Improved storage system
  • You can now let desktop act like a mobile (to test rotation image)
  • Domain locking supports md5 hashes
  • jchtml5_get_scroll_x (and y) to return the scroll position of the browser window
  • New scripts for stopping sounds: jce_stop_sound and jce_stop_sound_all
  • New script: jce_device_is_browser()

New fixes in 1.4.1451

  • Buttons decrease in scale by default (instead of increase). More button-like
  • UP and DOWN constants didn't exist
  • Fixed the room change FIX desktop jump bug this time (shiver bug)
  • Loading bar not centered properly. This bug was much more visible on wide screens.
  • destroy() script arguments fixed
  • jce_play_sound needs to be fixed. Should check for audio system before checking if sound exists
  • Domain locking can only be enabled in browsers
  • Squashed rotation screen is fixed
  • Loading bar will no longer be cut off by an invisible square
  • +10 minor fixes
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Hmm I'm almost ready to buy this engine as well...really keen to do a large HTML5 game with tweens in 2015.


Does this engine also work with a javascript extention, or is it all native GML?


I guess for the loading bars etc., you need javascript,

but I find with my other engine this makes that I cannot develop in windows and only in HTML5,

which hides lots of error messages, etc.

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JCHTML5 uses external javascript. The Mobility Engine uses internal javascript (the javascript is executed directly in GMS) which has some drawbacks.


In it's inception, JCHTML5 was originally going to be an iOS/Android engine (Juicy Engine), but instead became a HTML5 framework. So my engine works extremely well with platforms other than HTML5. For example, the saving and loading system automatically switches to ini files if the game is not played on a browser. I actually recommend my customers use the Windows export to create the majority of their game. It shows errors, and compiles faster than HTML5.


It was a pretty straightforward process to convert Fly Trap to iOS and Android, but I'll have to give the majority of credit for that to GameMaker: Studio  ;)  I might even be making iOS/Android plugins for the engine in the future to make this process seamless.


I've had multiple customers who came from the Mobility Engine, they all said they prefer JCHTML5.

"Thanks for creating such an amazing engine. My friend implemented it into his games a few days ago, and I was blown away by the quality difference between your engine and the previous engine I was using. I can’t wait to start plugging it into my games."

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JCHTML5 1.4.1499 is out. Emails were sent out yesterday but may have been marked as spam. Please check your spam folder!



New Features in 1.4.1499

  • Added support for theme-colour in Android Chrome lollipop (Inside index_template)
  • Option to lock the game to browsers only, hopefully preventing people from wrapping your HTML5 game and publishing it on the app stores (experimental)
  • Game now waits for correct rotation before going to next room
  • You can now have your game run in both orientations
  • Un-ticked "Use built-in particle sprites" (this is new in GMS). The particle sprites don't export by default with this unchecked.
  • jce_sound_is_playing(sound)
  • jce_button_get_device_touched()
  • jce_button_is_active()
  • jce_button_is_over()
  • jce_button_is_down()
  • jce_button_get_device_touched(obj)
  • jce_return_object_at_mouse(obj)
  • jce_get_touch_x()
  • jce_get_touch_y()

New Fixes in 1.4.1499

  • Audio scripts fixed. There are still script sets for legacy support in case you need them
  • Fix for tweening in ctr_screen
  • Leftover commented code removed from ctr_screen
  • Fixed old system tween functions in menu_template
  • Fixed fatal error in ctr_splash
  • Exit animation of par_button contained incorrectly defined tweens
  • Left some positioning code in btn_empty
  • Old update log removed from Game Information
  • Renamed example buttons to prevent clashes with your imported buttons
  • btn_empty is now literally empty
  • Changed IDE sprite hues to suit MINIM Night Jungle theme
  • Improved ctr_debug
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