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My game don't run iPad 1

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I'm here again with new problems! o/


I make this simple test game (http://eukito.com.br/teste/phaser) to check the input on mobile only clicking on the screen, and open him in one iPad 1 and another iPad 4 (both with safari browser).

In the iPad 4 the game is running perfect (except when turning around the iPad, when you do this, the game disappear), but in iPad 1 the game doesn't run, and throws my old friend error : "undefined is not a function".


Can anyone help me with this 2 problems?

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Just to confirm that this is now fixed in 0.9.6.


If you want to resolve it in the meantime, edit World.ts and remove the line in the constructor that set this._game.camera = this.current.


I've run a few of the tests on iPad 1 and they are running fine now after this fix.

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