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Soul Harvester

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Cool and a bit different game!


It felt like some kind of a hybrid between a tower defense game and a platformer which was funbecause I like them both :)


The random layout may be good for replayability but sometimes I got unlucky and got a hole almost straight down to a prism whitch wasn't so easy to defend.


And I don't know if it is a bug or what but when I spawned Soul Harvester on the top floor/ground(where the enemies spawn), the enemies stopped spawning. And at the end I just had 2 enemies on the field. 1 at the top dho couldn't get down because he was to fast so he skipped the hole all the time. And the other one who slowly walked down to the prism. But if I got him with my last Soul Harvester would I be stuck then?


Som screens and the end of the playthrough: My last soul harvester is about to die. And my the top unit is too fast to be cought on printscreen.


And seems like I got the highscore! :)


Overall a pretty fun and short game with a bit of strategic thinking about it. Would be cool if there was some kind of powerups like a way to get more Soul Harvesters or slowdown for a short period of time.

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Really appreciate you taking the time to play it and critique it. 


It looks like you found a bug re: spawned Soul Harvester on the top floor/ground. I thought I had some code to stop spawning up there because it was possible to get a kill/respawn loop. Good to know that's something I need to fix.


With Phaser 0.9.5 there's now tilemapping, so I'll have a lot more control of the random level.


tower defense game and a platformer

    This is something I've wanted to do for a while, and I think it can make a very interesting game, that would work well on tablets.



Thanks for playing!

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