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[WIP] Prototyping for Oculus Rift / Immersive VR in HTML5

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I've just released a project on GitHub, FauxPanoramaJS: http://kaigani.github.io/HTML5-canvas-fauxPanoramaJS/


I developed it as a tool to easily create panoramas that respond to an iPad's orientation to create an immersive VR-like experience.  You can read more about it here: https://medium.com/design-prototyping/be8a23e4aa35


Originally I had wanted to use Phaser in some way, but my attempts to integrate even Pixi seemed to kill the performance. I think it affected the device orientation sampling rate.


It would be great if you guys could play with the code to see if there is a way to integrate Phaser.  Ideally I'd like to use this for game development, not just proof-of-concept prototyping.


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