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[BLOG] InsideHTML5Games.com has been launched!

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Dear HTML5 Games Community,

I'm happy and proud to announce our HTML5 games blog "InsideHTML5Games.com" has been succesfully launched!

The intention of the blog is mostly to share our insights while testing and distributing hundrets of HTML5 games with the developer community. The blog will provide you an overview about: 


- common bugs and how to avoid them in your (upcoming) HTML5 game,

- major devices on SOFTGAMES's platform (among millons of monthly unqiue users)

- tips & tricks to improve user experience & retention

- and a lot more...

Interested? Then step by at http://www.insidehtml5games.com/ from time to time and feel free to share / like the posts.

If you have further ideas on the topics or wanne participate, feel free to share your ideas with me.


Looking forward to your feedback.



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- major devices on SOFTGAMES's platform (among millons of monthly unqiue users)


It would be great and invaluable, if you could break that down a bit further, like actual device distribution (maybe a pie chart with %, if real numbers are too valuable to share), OS version and browser revision. It would be even better, if that could be a monthly (or quarterly) feature.. Solid numbers are hard to come by, for devs. And we always face questions like "Is it really worth to ditch scrolling, so that the Galaxy Y users can play this game?" If we knew that it was only 0.5% of your user base using that device (for example), such decisions would be a lot easier to make and probably benefit the overall quality a lot.

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Thank you Alexander for the new website. The information you share on it is very valuable for HTML5 developers.

I play a lot of SoftGames' HTML5 games, and the performance is great on different devices.


I am curious to know which frameworks do you use for your HTML5 game development, and why do you use it? It could make an interesting blog post also.


Also a suggestion regarding your new website, I saw 2 posts on General Issues with HTML5. While those posts describe a solution, some code sharing would be helpful as well.

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Hello Alexander,

Interesting blog, I have some questions for you:


1.) You say HTML5 games are better than native games because there is no download. I say the opposite is true - there is a download each time you open the game, whereas once a native game is installed there is no further download. On top of that you put a restriction of 3MB per HTML5 game, great mobile casual games are 50MB and up (King.com's for example), so HTML5 quality suffers a lot. Can you comment on that?


2.) You praise HTML5 games etc, but your business model is not developer friendly - you pay the developers a one time license fee (which is not higher than the average) and you don't offer revenue share, and require translations. On top of that you sublicense to other publishers which in theory could lose the developer money (if he skips softgames he could directly sell to sponsors that work with you). Could you comment on how Softgames can compete with other HTML5 publishers that don't have your restrictions?

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From your device list... I don't know why you would want to support iPhone 3gs and iPad 1st generation! It is an extremely big mistake (given you really waste time testing for those device).

Speaking about the money... You spend money on buying HTML5 licenses and allowing people to play game hosted on your server and you MAKE money when they click on ads and the advertiser earn money when some of them turn into their customers. Now tell me if somebody is still using iPhone 3gs or iPad 1st generation then how much effect the advertisements would really have on him anyway?

And then HTML5 is a bleeding age technology. How is supporting the devices which is discontinued for years now is a good idea?
Because of this both the time of the devs and soft games is wasted while it don't have returns valuable enough. Overall, the money earned from old device (specially that of apple) users and spent on them indirectly (server resources) would give a net loss.

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