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Implementing Retry Logic When Loader Fails

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I'm trying to implement some retry logic for when Loader fails to load an asset. Currently I've extended the Loader class, and I'm playing around with altering the fileError method to retry downloading the same asset if it fails, but I'm not quite sure what to add here.


Has anyone done anything like this before?



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2 years later, I came across the same need for Loader retry.

A good solution seem to be to implement your own logic for keeping track of assets and updating them by subscribing to the 'load' and 'error' events. Then, at the end of the loader queue, create a new Loader, add only the failed assets and call load().

Alternatively, in case you want to retry for each asset immediately on fail, it may be possible to call directly the Resource's load function, but I haven't tested it and doesn't seem like a good solution.

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