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WIP: A Metroidvania for The AAG

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The AAG is my hacked together version of a Game Boy. I loved my grey brick and have been wanting to make a Game Boy-like game for a while now. Here is my first attempt:


I really don't know how much plagiarism this is but I sure hope I don't get sued or nothing. 

Please do give it a try and if you have a mobile device please let me know if the touch controls work at all and what device you tried it from. I am also aiming for a steady 30 fps. If you are on a large screen shrinking your browser window will help your fps greatly.



arrow keys/d-pad to move and swim, down to duck, down + left or right to crawl

z= action button (come out of the water, climb up the edge, grab a box)

x= jump

enter= restart (for my convenience)


UPDATE #1 5/22/13: Smooth room transitioning:

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Glad to hear that is working for you. Looks like you have an i-device that supports multi-touch. Is not working for guys with Android. Gotta find a work around for this. 


I did played your Cat astro phi game and I love the way it looks. I wish my gameboy looked that awesome. Gotta try to beat it later. 


Thanks for the feedback.

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Hello. Its been a while since I worked on this at all. I am glad you guys are liking it so far. The player sprites are all 16x16 pre-scaled  to 32x32 so I guess that makes animating it easy(?). The engine itself its one my old ones I just had to edit it a little to fit the slower frame rate, smaller character, and smaller screen.

I was finally able to work a little bit on it and managed to add room transitioning. I will be using multiple small rooms rather than one large room and views so smooth transitioning is very important. I believe I did a good job, but you be the judges of that.


UPDATE #1 5/22/13 Smooth room transitioning

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Ah, this game. I almost forgot I was making this.


Yeah I can easily change the buttons around. The touch controls are not working at all thou. I think I know what it is...


EDIT: I did made a tiny update where you use up and down arrows to climb and drop from edges and implemented basic shooting. that's when I figured my character is a bit short and shooting from a ducked position is almost the same as shooting while standing. So I have to get to fixing my sprites and I'm just sick of making graphics right now since I'm learning vector art and updating all of my casual games. I'll try to come back to this later.

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