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French tutorials about creating HTML5 games with Crafty, ImpactJS, and CreateJS

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write blog articles about creating html5 games.

In those articles I explained how to create a game step by step.


My English skills are pretty bad so I can not translate articles myself.

If you can speak French, feel free to translate and / or uses those articles as you wish.


Create a Snake like with Crafty :



Create a Platformer with ImpactJS :



Create a Match3 with CreateJS :





Cyrille :-)

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Even as a non-french speaker, it's useful to see from a code structure point of view - thanks!

Hey Cyrille, from your experience working with a number of different libraries, which one have you found gives better performance at handling multiple animated sprites and/or updating large areas of the screen?

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I worked for several months on a multiplayer game (A bit like Awesomenauts) with impact.

I must say that I have not had much to improve performance. Impact can handle hundred of entities on a large surface.

For other engines, I made ​​small games that do not require a lot of resources. So I can not say.
But if I had to compare these three, I would say:

- Impact has the best structure and many usefull tools

- CreateJS is the most flexible

- Crafty is the most developer friendly

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