I would like to volunteer some time to a team

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I have been in web development for since 2010. I used custom PHP and PHP MVC frameworks. I also do front end development with javascript and am now dabbling in server management. I am starting to look at chef and after building my own servers for hosting my websites I will be learning golang.


If your curious on what stack I plan on doing it is centos -> ngingx reverse proxy -> varnish -> nginx -> php fpm -> mysql. My framework of choice is silex.


I have been interested in game development for a while and have done a few small arcade styles games in pure javascript with the canvas. I am now building some games with limejs that I will be releasing on the WiiU later this year if everything goes as planned.


I would really love to volunteer some time on the weekends with a HTML5 team to get more experience and guidance in game development. Anyone need a extra developer?

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