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Marty the Martian Maintenance Man is an HTL5 keyboard or touch based browser game that works on any device. A word of warning to those IPad and IPhone users, as the game works fine the music doesn't play because as far as I can gather Apple is a bugger about browser games that play music.


I am a bit new to the Game Development HTML5 arena, so any advice is welcome. I have developed a couple of games over the course of about six months and the latest I am especially fond of. Marty tMM is a game that I have been wanting to make since I first played Mario Brothers in 1989. It is in a bit of Beta as the five levels currently will expand to many more in the next couple of days. However those five levels are a real pain in the ass to get through unscathed. I was going to go with the 3 lives and you have to start over, but decided it is not the days of Ghost 'n Goblins anymore and made it a little more forgiving with unlimited level restarts.


So, thanks for taking a look and let me know what you think, or if you find something that needs a fix'in.


Two versions of the same game exist, one in its native 800x500 and the other fullscreen version at




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