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Introducing the Turbulenz HTML5 game engine webcast now available on demand. Feedback welcome!

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The Turbulenz webcast video is now available to watch from either of these places:

The session included:

  • Getting setup with the turbulenz_engine open source repository.
  • A brief introduction to using the Turbulenz APIs.
  • A step-by-step walk-through of building a game, combining 2D physics with 3D rendering.
  • A demonstration of the example game on hub.turbulenz.com, playable from desktop and mobile.

Q&A with Ian & David from the Turbulenz development team.

The example game “Debris Dodger” created during the session has been made available on Github so you can try it for yourself. Just update to the latest open source version and follow the steps in the README.

Debris Dodger Github repo with all the code and assets to play with.

A few additional links to things we discussed:

Feedback welcome! 

We're looking for feedback for the event, to gauge:

  • If you found the content useful, would you like us to do another one in the future?
  • What parts were most relevant to you?
  • What would you like to know more about if we did a follow-up webcast?


Please post suggestions for future topics and we'll see what we can do.





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Great! I'll have to watch this, and I love that you've put up the code for Debris Dodger!


Trying to build it (step 4, python manage.py apps apps/debrisdodger) but it fails due to the cgfx2json error. Gonna have to try and sort that out first..


Edit: latest version fixed that with support for VS2012

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