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I have been working on a casual game and am trying to make it possible for people to tweet and/or Facebook their score.


I have accomplished this through the use of and the intent link for Twitter and the sharer link for Facebook.


This works absolutely fine on browsers, even on mobile. However, I want to encourage people to add the page to their iOS home screen, and if they do this, neither of these links work (because it's not in a browser, I assume).


Is there an alternative way to do this? Or a way for an iOS device to trigger the Twitter and Facebook apps?

Thank you very much!

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This will be better accomplished by using the official sharing APIs/buttons (Facebook JavaScript API or the less complicated but more limited Facebook Share Button and Twitter Tweet Button) for the services you want to target. These drop-ins take a little bit more configuration, but will allow you to use the sharing dialogues inside your page (i.e. they don't create a pop-up window, they do it with an overlay in the page).


Worth looking at also if you go down the Facebook API route is the Facebook Score API, which is a very nice way of posting scores on Facebook, and automatically allows leaderboards between friends, shows when someone has beaten someone else's score and so on.

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