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Educational Gaming: Ressources

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LAST EDIT: June 3rd, 2014




I wanted to open this topic up for anyone who is interested in discussing games as an educational medium. As well as collecting ressources such as dissertations, books, videos, lectures and so on that might inspire and help anyone interested in this industry. There is truly a lot of potential and opportunity in this industry.



TED Talks



1. Classroom Game Design: Paul Andersen


2. Your Brain On Video Games: Daphne Bavelier


3. Gaming To Re-Engage Boys In Learning: Ali Carr-Chellman


4. Gaming Can Change The World: Jane McGonigal


5. How Games Make Kids Smarter: Gabe Zichermann


6. 7 Ways Games Reward The Brain: Tom Chatfield


7. The Gamification of Education: Gavin Pouliot







1. Games and Education: James P. Gee


2. 13 Game Principles: James P. Gee ***I highly recommend this video***


3. Top 5 Educational Games: Smosh Games


4. ExtraCredits Channel (thx HopFrog and turnA)






1. Moving Learning Games Forward: MIT's Education Arcade


2. The Next Generation of Educational Engagement: Diana G. Oblinger


3. Game-Based Learning: JISC


4. Games, Learning and Society: Kurt D. Squire


5. Good Video Games and Good Learning: James P. Gee (among others)






1. Valve: Fixing Education: Rock, Paper, Shotgun







1. Video Games and Learning: Coursera (video lectures upon free signup)


2: Games In Education: Gamefication: Open Learning







1. Games Learning Society


2. Learning Games Network







1. Mark Prensky (Game devoloper and speaker on learning and education)






1. LEGO Serious Play



And why not throw in a cheesy quote:


"You can learn more from a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation" - Plato

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Awesome material, thanks for sharing!


Btw, you might be interested in this particular youtube channel named Extra Credits. They have some very interesting takes on education and games in general.

Extra credits might be the best material I have seen on the web about facing the challenges and avoiding the pitfalls of making games.

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