[WIP] Zombie adventure ?

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Shall I ditch this concept?  Seems all too hard just now.


You are in a spaceship and need to get to the weapons facility,

You unlock the door and then shoot heaps of zombies.


I'm working on the shoot-zombies code/scene now.


I'm not sure I can see my own idea - if that makes any sense.


Just need someone to have a go at it I suppose.

By the way the combination is Blob, Tick, Heart, Star.


At the moment the buttons show underneath the spiral - but they should be

on top. When the door opens, that's as far as I've got. The noise is annoying too.


Then you are supposed to go into the weapons room - find your weapon -

then shoot zombies in space from the cargo bay. I'm going to complete the

game, just not sure if it begins nicely.......?  Any ideas???



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Hey, nice start.


What I think is that the player begins the game without really knowing what to do. This could be a potential "barrier" since they'll get frustrated and leave without having gotten the chance to kill actual zombies :P I had some trouble understanding the colour disc things?


Maybe this scene could be once you're safe in the weapons room and you're trying to open some sort of futuristic lock. It should give players a nice rest and reward for their time before they go all rambo.


Right now the "zombie alert" seems too well timed. Perhaps the game starts off with the alert and we're shown the player only has a "melee" weapons and knows he has to go to the weapons room to have a chance to survive. There the player's objective should become clear.


I'm only giving some ideas here as feedback, but in essence your storyline holds well. And I also like the POV perspective, it immediately pops the game, well done!


Can't wait to see how this evolves!

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Hey thanks @ Luis Felipe, that's really valuable feedback.


I've made it so the zombie alert comes on at a different time, firing from a different 'click' event.

and a delay - so that it seems to come on randomly - you're quite right 'zombie alert' was too 'timed'

From your advice I'll make a text that pops up to say 'Power Up Door Unit' or something, for the wee disks.

The red ones will be for powering down some sort of device that gets out of control in future.


Still tweaking the code while creating (and learning) to make a kick ass shoot em up script.


From what you've said I think the first scene should be simpler. Then whack a few zombies.

then second scene, rest, then third scene, more and more zombies. No changes uploaded at the moment.


Thanks Luis Felipe

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