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My Glass Studio is a new WebGL application supporting the sales of The-Glass-Co, a global market leader in glass dinnerware construction, active in Greece, Singapore, US and Japan.


Active link to the application (login in/register needed):


Press release:



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Hi people,


I'm back on my network weathermap project.

The current standard tool is this one :

Users have to set manually devices to be monitored in a heavy conf file, then it shows a web 2D static network metrology view, refreshed every 5'.


Mine generates a 3D map, from a simpler conf file (auto-computed graph device coordinates if not manually set) and shows a live metrology : 30" refresh rate, but could be less and continuous interpolated data so you can understand if they increase or decrease between two measures.


My goal : the user should see at a glance how his network runs.

So I want the incoming/outcoming flows are understandable (animated and directed), I want a flow to followable in a chain of devices (animation should solve this), I want the current speed is readable (speed of animation) and saturation/load is noticeable.

Load is how much a flow uses its link total bandwith : if a link is 1 Gbps max and the flow is currently 0.5 Gbps, it uses 50%.

So I want this load to visible. I imagined the flow radius could grow inside a link transparent tube according to this rate.


Here are some current prototypes examples on real university institute network live activity.

There aren't many students nowadays, so it's quite quiet... and it's a problem to tune because links are Gbps sized and the students consume only Kbps or Mbps, so quite no traffic.

If the animation doesn't start, just wait for two dozens of seconds before another measure is collected.

(I know there are still some small bugs and it needs optimizations)


tiny cylinders :

readable, but definetly not funny imo


matrix movie :

not much readable imo


sinus tubes :

readable, but not funny too


So I'm looking for ideas to display those incoming/outcoming flows with this needs (understanding speed, load, direction at a glance) : pairs of extruded shapes on the same axis, sprites running inside a tube or along a curve, particules, light rays ?


Any suggestions, even the foolest, are welcome :)




I wish I can show a proto demo at next sysadmin meeting in Toulouse (05 / 30) about monitoring/metrology here :

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Hey Jerome, 


I'm working on a project with a similar way of representing data going from one point to another one.

Here is a first idea (I think you will recognize the tube :) :) )


I tried with 100 tubes like this on a big central sphere, and performance are good.


Another idea (the one I picked) is to create two tubes, one inside another transparent one. The inside tube has an animated submesh (with another material), growing from the beginning of the tube to its end. Performances are really good, because the submesh growing just adds/removes more vertices to it.

I cannot show you any playground for this sadly.


Hope that helps !

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very nice !


Perhaps would you just offset a texture on your internal tube to simulate animation instead of changing vertices ? (well, I don't know what and how you're animating )

Just another approach.



Maybe I could have spheres like yours sliding in my tube links also, mmh ? Thank you !

still searching for ideas ;)

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new Material  for Babylonjs


i make new way for easy build material with is not just for babylonjs i call it "Eash";

i try hard to publish it and make a usefull tools for build a material like v-ray.alpha version is ready in to this month ( estimation time 4/18/2015 -5/1/2015)





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I test it It is work just a few minute you need to load ( don't forget ctrl + f5 ).


i promise i can fix this problems for next time . :D


:::)) i look that again you nedd scroll after load for see that just scroll or drag mouse thanks

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These are live backing visuals for a DJ Video streaming site called, the background visuals were shown on a green screen and controlled live made using babylonjs (running in nw.js/node-webkit)
The first hour of this video is the babylonjs visuals

(it goes pretty slow but skipping through there's a progression of scenes)


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Hi all!


I'd like to show what I've been working on with BabylonJS for the last months: 







This is a game project, still largely unfinished though. Since I'm taking a break on this project, as I don't have so much time to allocate to it, I thought I'd still share it with you. I've been working hard to achieve acceptable performance with BabylonJS, so this may be of interest to some of you!


Currently implemented features:

- Random terrain generation with vegetation

- You can place buildings from the menu; placing a building will cost you construction materials (CMAT), which you can generate using a Construction Center

- Many buildings are functional, meaning they have internal components that can produce energy, process resources etc. To access a building functions, simply click on it and a menu will show you what you can interact with (beware, some buildings are turned off by default)

- Floating notification system above buildings

- Resource harvesting: build a mine or a harvest center, and then select the cells you'd like to harvest in the "resource view" menu

- Vehicles, which are not controlled directly but handled by the buildings themselves


To understand how Colonies work, you need to think in terms of "chain of needs". Let's say you want to produce energy: you can place a power plant that will process resources into energy. Now, this power plant needs resources, so you'll build a harvest center to provide them. Then, you need to click on the power plant, then on "add source building", then on the harvest center. Finally, turn on the harvest center and select zones to harvest in the resource view. You're done! vehicles will do the work and provide resources to your power plant.


I know, it's a bit complicated :D I guess it's also about trial and error.


What's left to implement:

- vehicles & buildings textures & animations

- terrain variations

- buildings remaining

- the colony overview menu

- the underground scanning 'minigame'

- player actions impact the environment (pollution, global warming, etc.)

- actual gameplay goals and incentives!


I hope you'll enjoy this experimental game in the state it is, and feel free to make suggestions!




PS: sometimes, the first building appears above the sea. Don't worry, this happens :)

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Really interesting project. This reminds me game "tycoon", where we build a city of which we are the mayor. I imagine this will be improve graphically.

Nice game and good luck.

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There are similarities with a city builder, it's true. Although what I'm aiming for is a game where you strive to keep your colony going in a foreign environment, where resources are sparse and must be managed carefully.


Building stuff isn't the hard part. The hard part is keeping them maintained and powered :)

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