LudumDare Results!

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Hey everyone!


The official LudumDare 29 Results were recently announced, and I thought it would be a good idea to post your games, and how you did, here!



Did really well in a certain category and want to show off? Post Your Link!


Didn't do as well as you hoped, and would like feedback from others on what to improve on in order to do better next time? Post Your Link!


You don't care how well you did, and all you want is to get your game played by others?  Post Your Damn Link!



I guess I'll start this thing off:


Here Is My Game: Beneath The Memories




#10 - Audio (awh shucks, I don't deserve this)

#15 - Humor (honestly didn't expect this, I added a few jokes here and there, but I'm surprised people thought they were that funny lol)

#49 - Mood (being that this was my first LD, I wasn't disappointed at this, I managed to get really great feedback on how to improve this even more, so thank you!)


And finally the Big-Daddy / What-I-Really-Care-About:

#55 - Overall (This is way too unbelievable to me. To some, this may not seem great, but to me, with this being my first 'real' game and first LD, I am beyond blown away by this! There's not enough expletives and exclamation marks in the world to describe how I feel!)


Overall, this was probably the best moment and most rewarding event that has happened to me regarding to my dumb little game development hobby. Reading people who play my game and how much they like it, and seeing people play it in a Let's-Play video (seriously, those are so awesome) is just amazing. Thank you to the LudumDare community, all you amazing people who played and gave me feedback, and thanks to Rich who provided great help with any bugs I ran into.


So that's all for my 'Look at me, I feel special' post, if you made a game this LudumDare, post what you think went right, what went wrong, and what you want to improve on and get feedback! Thanks! 


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