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Before the loading screen came up there was a bit of a wait with black screen (tested with google chrome). If its something your program does, you could include this processing into the loading part.


Loading time was a bit long even after the loading screen came up.


I like the fox! Cute grafix.


I didnt like it jumping though, it felt unnatural.



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Nice game, I liked the graphics.

It's weird that rocks are moving relatively the ground they are placed on. Collision detection with obstacles should be improved. Just hiding the fox after collision isn't good, some animation of dying would be good.

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Nice art ;)  The parallax effect looks somewhat weird, because it only affects the objects and not the ground. They seem as if out of screen or moving faster than ground. Also, an effect for fox collision with obstacles would be nice - it just disappears. Maybe if it hopped up and fell out of screen ("super mario" style), it would look better.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestions guys !


We are aware of the parallax problem, but if we fix that problem, another one will show up.

If we make the velocity of the rocks same as the velocity of the background we will lose the depth effect, because logically the movement of the far rocks should be slower than the movement of the near rocks.

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