Spil games reshaping strategy

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I'm sorry but I don't understand it very well. :(
How it impacts in HTML5 sponsorships? 



No big change besides developers need to step up the game and start delivering Flash like quality games.

They will stick to both html5 and native apps - and slowly drift away from desktop and flash.

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They seem to want high quality exclusives. I don't know how they are going to achieve this. Why would an indie make a very high quality game for months and then wait for few more months to get actually paid all the time risking everything and not getting paid?

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It seems to indicate that they are putting more resources to the mobile end. Not good news for their employees in desktop but not a surprise. I do a lot of market research and tablets sales in 2013 went through the roof and with users not only accessing the internet with those tablets (and smartphones) but television too, seizing half of all the Internet access from desktops. Companies that never spent dollars advertising in internet before, are now flocking to spend big bucks to get on those devices. They also know that games are the most popular medium on those devices. Advertisers are looking to Mobile HTML5 games that don't need to be installed. The demand for HTML5 games is growing and will continue to grow strong through 2015. I think developers have to work together define the market value for games. But it's not as easy said as done.

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I think the core of the strategy isn't shifting from desktop to mobile, that's not something new, we all know the "appillionaire" stories.


What I think is important from this is precisely what @Sanatan said, they really want top notch games. It's likely that they already have AAA studios on board developing content to be published through them which would make this strategy even more viable


I'm sure they wont be closing the doors on indie developers, I've exchanged a few messages with them and they are extremely nice and encouraging.


However, licensing AAA content costs more, which would reduce demand for non AAA games. This obviously impacts indie developers directly but would also generate a global shift towards creating higher quality and richer content (in order to get a better chance to get sponsored).


IMHO this isn't necessarily something bad, it seems almost natural that this is happening, just as it happens in other markets that start to grow and become more mature over time.


There will be a heck of a lot more competition coming in. Unity is releasing WEBGL deployment in their next release (although who knows how how performant it'll be?). But just think titles like "Hitman GO" could start competing in this market because with very little production effort/budget, the game is deployable to HTML5 (including of course all the app stores and other marketplaces). This means that AAA companies can test the HTML5 market instantly with little-to-no risk. From what I've read/researched, there was massive hype for HTML5 content, then it plateaued, and now everyone's jumping in.


Maybe this could explain Spil Game's new strategy? They have "seen" the future and are preparing/adapting their infrastructure for these future changes. It's what any company would/should do. We'll have to step up our game accordingly, and it's definitely not impossible.


I very recently got into game deving as a hobby, so I apologise in advance for anything I've said that might be wrong/incorrect. I guess these are my two cents.

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