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Hello Everyone,


I'm new to both Phaser and this community. I was wondering if I could get some helpful tips from the more experienced members. As of right now I'm trying to implement Gamepad support for my game and I came across this example on the website:


Before I implemented something similar to this, I wanted to test it to see if it works. However, no matter what I do I can't seem to get it to work. I tried it on Chrome stable channel which I didn't have any luck with. It didn't recognize that the controller was connected. So I decided to try it on Firefox version 29. It recognized that the controller was connected however I could not move the character at all.


I then also decided to get Chrome dev channel version 37 and I had the same outcome as Firefox version 29. It detects the controller, it just does not react to input. 


I am using a Xbox 360 wireless controller hooked up to my windows PC with the provided USB receiver.


I hope I'm just making a simple mistake somewhere. If anyone could give me some feedback that would be awesome. Thank you for your time!





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