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Hi. I'm actually new to HTML gaming, but I definitely see the potential. The thing is - until now, I've mostly used Java (libGDX framework) and, well, networking might be an issue if you want to (for example) use GWT. So, before I start digging into Phaser and JavaScript, I'd like to ask two questions:

1. Does this framework provide a networking API that would actually work on all browsers and isn't horribly complicated? Classic server-clients structure is fine for me.

2. Does it have a GUI API, preferably one that supports ninepatches?

Sorry for wasting your time, take care. ; )

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1) Nope, but remember Phaser is just JavaScript, and there are masses of JS based networking libs out there to choose from.


2) See question 1 and remember you're in the DOM, you've got the full power of that at your disposal.

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