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TypeError: type error in Safari 6?

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Hi all,


Another weirdo cross-browser problem I am desperate to fix. A tester running Safari 6.03 (not the most current, but not ancient either), keeps having the game freeze with a strange error: "TypeError: type error" -- it traces back to phaser.min.js line 11 but I'm unable to see what in my code is causing the issue. Is this a known thing? Any advice at all would be appreciated - 


You guys are the best!



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Thanks Eric. I did that and got this:


TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this._bindings.length') 


It's on line 15335, which is this line (about 7 lines down) in the following chunk: var n = this._bindings.length;

dispatch: function () {        if (!this.active)        {            return;        }        var paramsArr = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);        var n = this._bindings.length;        var bindings;        if (this.memorize)        {            this._prevParams = paramsArr;        }        if (!n)        {            //  Should come after memorize            return;        }        bindings = this._bindings.slice(); //clone array in case add/remove items during dispatch        this._shouldPropagate = true; //in case `halt` was called before dispatch or during the previous dispatch.        //execute all callbacks until end of the list or until a callback returns `false` or stops propagation        //reverse loop since listeners with higher priority will be added at the end of the list        do { n--; } while (bindings[n] && this._shouldPropagate && bindings[n].execute(paramsArr) !== false);    }
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So I'm not a Phaser guy so I'm only able to provide some debugging suggestions. I would put 


on the line above 'var n = this._bindings.length;' and see what it says.

It's strange that only Safari 6 throws this error.


edit: I opened up Safari on my machine and simply ran the line "this._bindings.length;" in the console, returning back the exact same error. So clearly in your instance as in mine, this._bindings doesn't exist. I don't know enough about how Phaser works to know if its putting that there or you are. I would say wrap the whole statement in a if(this._bindings){...} to prevent it from trying to run that code when it doesn't exist, but I'm not sure how important this._bindings is to Phaser.

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Eric, thanks for your help, unfortunately, I don't know much about the inner workings of Phaser, either.


I've found some interesting things out though, it looks like the this._bindings error was unrelated to the original error. The original typeError only occurs with the MINIFIED version of Phaser, not the full version. Does anyone know why this could be?

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Interesting update, I did get the crash to happen on the unminified version of Phaser and this is where the error occurs, on line 32210 of phaser.js

Object.defineProperty(Phaser.BitmapText.prototype, 'text', {    get: function() {        return this._text;    },    set: function(value) {        if (value !== this._text)        {            this._text = value.toString() || ' ';            this.dirty = true;        }    }});
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