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Need advice!

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Hi guys,


I am completely new to js and HTML5. I want to make a simple game in which you roll a ball around a maze by using a tablet/mobile devices orientation.


Does anyone have any pointer on how to achieve this? I have looked at gyro.js so far but have no idea how to implement its use.

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If you are completely new to javascript and html5 i would suggest not using Phaser to make your game. If i am not mistaken Game maker and Construct are both very simple, easy and require little or no coding to make any games. Mind you, im sure there is limitations as a direct result of this, but at the very least it will give you an understanding of game mechanics and design. Phaser is a game engine for people who already know Javascript and have an understanding of html5, css or at the very least...know what canvas is. However, is a decent tutorial where something similar to what you want.

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