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Bend sprites around a point ?

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Hey everyone !


So if you didn't get the title's hint  :D : Is there a way to bend, fisheye like, straight sprites around a given Point so it appears to be round? The Problem I'm facing is:


I want to generate a more or less random planet surface, but for that I want to use a tile set so I can just put them in a row like a plain area and then with some magic *pow* --> a planet...


...well maybe not magic but some phaser power :D So is there a way to trick the player with some fisheye camera technique or some sprite bending power?


Thanks :)



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You're going to build a sprite as bitmap data, looping through the different bands and save it to the cache and then apply some maths to it and make it into a sphere. 

You can do that the hard way (like finding an external library) or by just writing a stupid approximation — like looping through columns to make each pixel column a different height to create the illusion of a bulge? Then you'd save it as a sprite.

I found some stuff that might give you an idea of the differences between the easy and hard way.

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