[Complete][Phaser] Jelly Fall

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Hi there! I want to share MightyFingers latest game Jelly Fall


Jelly Fall is a simple game where main character falls in never ending tunnel full of obstacles. Collect coins and power-ups but avoid spikes and saws. On desktop computers use arrow left/right/down to move jelly, for mobile there are special buttons. Difficulty is set depending from depth you are. More deeper you get higher falling speed and more spikes.








I didn't created any sophisticated algorithm for placing obstacles, just ton of patterns and smart random which repeats them over and over. Btw, for creating patterns I've used our recently launched editor

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Looks great and move smoothly. My only gripe is that the slime is not sticking/slipping on the wall :P

Are you using arcade physics for this? Tilemap or manual object placement?

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Looks very good. I think not good that you can't catch every coins on screen ("romb, "heart" coin form at the beginning), but it not important. I would change icon on circle spikes to skull for example. First time it looks like too friendly, like bonus and i pick it. And i guess that black spike need make more visible.

And bug, when you picked for example magnet bonus, and then another bonus (heart for example), your magnet bonus will be replaced and disappear. =)

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> Kai

My colleague fixed this on the same day.


 > turnA

Yes, we needed only the most simplest and light physics, so wee took arcade.

Actually our editor doesn't support tilemap yet, so manual object placement. Tilemap support will be very soon.


> junnat

I'll experiment with that. My worries are that controlling of jelly would get harder.


> loveMepls
thanks for advices on spikes. 
Actually we thought that replacing bonus is a feature. For example if you take a "magnet" bonus and you see "x2" bonus below then it's your decision what is more valuable.

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Nice game, grats.

What about stacking bonuses? In my opinion it will give to player that "hell ye" feeling - I have magnet and x2 -> I will definitely beat my record now :)

For me it was little bit frustrating when I collected "destroyer" bonus, right after that I picked up "heart" bonus and immediately fell on spikes killing myself.

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