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Type: Side-scroller, Written in: HTML5 / javascript, Version: 1.0


Destroyer is a retro style side-scrolling bomber with neon colored vector graphics.


The player's task is to fight through thirty procedurally generated levels with gradually increasing difficulty, destroying as many ground objects as possible. The first three levels are ship control training and tips, and every level have a minimum score you have to beat to unlock the next one.


The game features centrally stored leaderboard with login option and graphic help / tutorial. Icons on the scorebar allow you to race for the champion title, or against your own personal highscore.


Click on the image to Play!


Changes based on reviewer feedback:

- The players ship is faster now. Say its speed was 2 and now it is 3.

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Haha its fun I like it a lot! One thing that I think would be cool without much effect would be to add a little bit of screen shake when a bomb hits. 

Hey thanks! We were thinking about this during development, along the lines of a screen shake or border color flash when a ground object is destroyed, but the testers dropped the idea. 


I think the reason why they voted against it, is that most of our testers are age 25+, and they found screen shaking more disturbing than fun. They said, that we can only implement it, if players can switch it off. Seeing the lack of support from their side, we went without it for now.


In any case I am happy you liked it, and thank you for your comment!

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