Dr Scientifcat's Magentic Challenge (feedback & price question)

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Hi, I was wondering if you could give me your opinion on our game, specifically how much do you think we can ask for an exclusive license and a non exclusive license?.

This is a puzzle game, where you have to use magnets to guide a particle to its goal. As you advance in levels, you will find new obstacles and objects to use.

Here is the url to it 



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Hi Christian, I'd like to point out some issues I have noticed. I tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Firstly, the rotation screen is displayed in landscape mode on some occasions. I'm not certain about the pattern. It appeared during my first launch. Second time it went fine and and third time the game showed it again. So I had to rotate twice - first to portrait mode and then back to landscape. Next thing which I think could benefit the game is removing the pencil button after launching fail. To bring the game in edit mode automatically instead. And finally, return to main menu button seemed like replay to me.

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll work on some of those points.


Any tips on pricing?. What's your experiencie on this topic?.

Sorry, no idea how much a publisher would offer. I heard good non-exclusive license cost should start with $400. I find this realistic, I have got such deals myself.

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I also got a couple of deals of 500 and 400usd for non exclusive licences for my other game. Though for an exclusive, I don't know what they are willing to pay, I don't want to sell it for too little when I could have sold it for much more than I thought was possible.

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