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Sumerian City [beta]

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I am launching beta test version of my new HTML5 game - Sumerian City. Game is almost finished, so you can play it without any restrictions. I would be gratefull for your feedback here or rafal@gamefilled.com


PS: Payment system is not active, so if you want any GOLD please contact me for promotional codes :-) by email.


Here is the link -> http://sumeriancity.pl/player/ 




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Looks like it might be quite fun, but I'll be honest and admit I couldn't be bothered to sign-up to actually test it, I do think registration walls are the kiss of death for lots of games, would love to just see a "play as a guest" mode that let me get right into it and THEN kept prompting me to turn the guest account into a full one. I'd be far more likely to actually do that :)

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I think the game looks good, I like the setting and art style, and it's the type of game that I'd enjoy playing.


But... some constructive criticism... :)


1) Registration isn't too bad, but maybe remove the email verification - that's a pain. We do have registrations on our website too, and it turns out only about 3% of users use fake addresses, so why bother.

2) It didn't work on desktop browsers for me (Firefox and Chrome), maybe it's only designed for touch controls? Surely adding mouse support should be easy though?

3) On a Windows Phone, I couldn't move around the map - I'd expect to be able to pinch to zoom, drag to move, etc. but it didn't work

4) While great on a tablet, there's far too much text for a phone screen

5) If it's a social game, maybe integrate it with Facebook? I think you'll find that IAP's would increase if people have to pay facebook rather than you directly. And registration would be less painful.

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