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Going Freemium with HTML5 game

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I thought it may be useful to write something about HTML5 business model based on IAPs. Here is my post regarding going freemium from ads based model. Please excuse me for using "GOLD" phrase - GOLD means "virtual currency"/IAP (i paste my post from other forum here - sorry).

Business model based on advertisements is unpredictable. Most of clicks are accidental and don’t depend on game construction. With freemium you gain full control over your incomes. The better the game is designed - the more money it will make!

There are several concepts of going freemium!

You can offer your players virtual goods, they can buy with GOLD. There are various types of virtual goods:

  • Time
    One of the most popular virtual good is “faster production”. You can offer faster pace of building or army producion for a little bit of GOLD.
  • Power/Ability
    Sometimes players stuck in some difficult parts of game. You can make it easier for them to overcome obstacles by offering special powers for GOLD.
  • Comfort
    Usefull in all “farming” games, where player has to harvest some types of incomes. You can offer auto-harvesting for GOLD.
  • Social
    Singleplayer game can become multiplayer and social for GOLD.

You can specify limits for playing for free. 

  • Levels/Demo
    The most common way of limiting is to offer demo version with few levels for start and full game for GOLD.
  • Plays per day
    One of the Gamefilled’s games - TANK5 - offers unlimited plays for GOLD and 10 plays per day for free. There are several subscription plans. This model works like “premium” account.
  • Time per day
    “Want to play more than 30 minutes per day? No problem, just pay some GOLD for it icon_e_smile.gif
  • Lifes per day
    Common in mach3 games. Player can play a game until some limit of unsuccessful plays is reached. Limit can be reset by GOLD or waiting some time.


Progress saving
Player can play a game without any limits. However, each time player’s avatar is “killed” game starts from the very beginning. If player wants to start from the last position some GOLD must be paid. 

You can multiply player’s incomes (points, xp, …) with “premium” account, which is available as subscription for GOLD.

If you have got any question or requrie support regarding freemium, please don’t hesitate to contact us -> contact@gamefilled.com

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