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Paper-based AR games: play with paper cards!

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(also on Hacker News:

Hey guys, I posted about this a few weeks ago but the games weren't quite ready yet so it didn't get much attention. This time I made a video !

Please have a look at to test the games and know more about the project!
I hope you like the games, and I would really appreciate any feedback concerning the framework itself, any sort of informal evaluation really.
So, the story:
As part of a school project I've been working on a adapting an AR markers library called Chilitags into a very simple, very easy to use, more abstract JavaScript framework called Paprika. In short, what it does is allow you to use AR markers as input for your web application (with property binding and condition triggers for position, rotation, specific orientation, visibility, card flipping, tilting, stacking.)
I created 3 games/demos with Phaser which are far from perfect, but serve as experiments to test paper interaction. I hope you enjoy these and I'd love to hear what you think of them!
  • In this game you control the orientation and color mode of a spaceship using a card. Plays like Asteroids, with color mode mechanics inspired by Ikaruga.
  • It uses one 2-sided card and tests rotation tracking + flipping detection.

Traffic Management:

Ball Maze:

  • In this game you control a ball inside a baze by tilting a piece of paper as you would the ball maze. the objective is to get to the goal without hitting the walls in the shortest time possible.
  • It uses a 1 sided card and tests tilting and tilt orientation.

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