MightyEditor goes open-source

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Several months after we started working on HTML5 game editor, we have decided to open-source it – giving the community a tool that will help you in the game development process. We are thrilled to see the development of other open-source tools and frameworks, and we are hoping that letting people join us in the process of creating this awesome tool will give an additional boost to the future of MightyEditor. Our team is fully dedicated to continuing our work on improving the editor, adding additional features and fixing the bugs.


MightyEditor started out as a simple tool for our own games, but seeing an increased interest from the community, we decided to improve it and develop it as a universal editor that can also be efficiently used by other developers. This strategy leads to money questions. Currently we are funding the editor from whatever we can spare while developing our own games so it takes a chunk of our resources, but in the future we are planing to launch a web service where you will be able to buy advanced plugins, hosting and other goodies for reasonable amount of money. We will be happy to see other developers creating their own free and paid plugins.

Check out online version of the editor or fork it on github.


Some updates that are coming in near future:

  • Tileset support
  • Texture atlas
  • Simple physics support + ninja physics tilemap
  • Tweens

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