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[Kinda complete] Sequencer Wars

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I've been working on multiplayer game (two players per room) where you make music at the same time as you play a game. The game is built with Phaser and the Web Audio API.


The idea is to collect notes and create a musical sequence. You have limited time before the note explode so hurry up! If you're close to an explosion then you lose your notes and start over with an empty sequence.


Circles of different colors represents notes. Red circles represents a silent note. So by collecting them you can create rythmic patterns.


Collect a yellow square to change the chord. A gray circle will make everything slow down.


It's kinda hard to explain, so you'd better just try it!


Use the mouse to move.




Here's the link: http://seqwars.jit.su


Works best in Chrome. The sound won't work in IE.


Any feedback is appreciated!

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