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Football Hero

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Hi Guys, Just finished my first game....well v1.0 of it anyway  :)


It's called Football Hero, dodge soccer balls and referees, collect starts and the almightly world cup to become invincible!


Feel free to throw me feedback as it's all new to me and I'm keen to learn more!


Will tweak this game a bit more then move on to another  :)





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Interesting idea for football themed games!

My only concern is that people that use keyboard need to click using mouse if he want to retry/continue (maybe you can press spacebar for that?), it might cause hassle a bit.

Also, if I change tab for a few moment and then back again to the game screen, suddenly there are lots of red ball coming at me. Star/normal ball doesn't change, this bug only appear on red ball. Maybe you want to check on that :)

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Hi Guys,


Added a few more features to the game (first game) :



- star bonus

- star magnet

- weapon (to destroy the soccer robot)



- explosions


Controls and lots of tweaks.


Let me know what you think. Thanks :)

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