Rogue spacebar event firing!

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Hi Guys,


New to this and it may be a simple one... but I have a menu in which you can press the spacebar and the game starts. But once the game has started everytime I press spacebar the game resets by calling the startGame function...


I didn't think it would call a function from another state?


Below I have the short version of the menu code:


var menu = {
    create: function () {

        var spaceBarStart =;
        spaceBarStart.onDown.add(this.startGame, this);



    startGame: function () {'play');




Any help will be appreciated




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There are several ways to approach this. Probably the best way to do it in this context is as follows:

var menu = {    create: function () {        var spaceBarStart =;        // note we're using addOnce here which removes the listener after the first press        spaceBarStart.onDown.addOnce(this.startGame, this);    },     startGame: function () {'play');    },};

This should work even if you restart the game, as when this state is fired it will create the event again.

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